Educational offer

The Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology was created in 1968 as an answer to the growing demand of the Polish Armed Forces and Polish economy for specialists in the scope of applying the methods and IT measures in military command and directing combat assets, as well as supporting information and decision-making processes. Throughout its history, the Faculty of Cybernetics was ahead of its times, both in the scope of scientific research and teaching.

The Faculty’s creators have rightly assessed that computer science, automation, and operational research will be the progress carriers and an indicator of the civilisation development level in the 20th and 21st century. The quality of each academic faculty is determined by the level of professional qualification of its graduates. Graduates of the Faculty of Cybernetics are living proof of the highest quality of their education, working various and important jobs both domestically and internationally. The attitude as well as professional and scientific successes of most of them prove the high quality of education at the Faculty.

The present times pose new challenges and tasks before the teaching and science staff at the Faculty. One of them is to educate, alongside military professionals, civilians for whom the Faculty of Cybernetics has first opened its doors in the academic year 1997/1998, beginning with part time studies and later also extending its offer to full-time studies. The Faculty of Cybernetics was a precursor in this respect at the Military University of Technology.