Postgraduate studies - Cybersecurity's Management MBA

Course description: Postgraduate MBA Studies in the Field of Cybersecurity's Management are directed to those who wish to improve their skills in connection with the widely understood issue of cybersecurity. The course is intended for people with higher education and specific experience in management positions, who are professionally involved with aspects of cybersecurity. The courses are conducted in Polish (80% of classes) and English (20% of classes) in cooperation with foreign partners: University of Genoa (Italy)

The courses provide knowledge, skills, and competences in the scope of: strategic management, information strategies used in management, security and emergency situation management, risk management in critical infrastructure systems, modern digital threats, risk management in the scope of cybersecurity, information system security, network security systems, NATO cyber defence policy.

Example classes: Strategic management, Modern digital threats, Information strategies in management, Legal aspects of cybersecurity, Cryptographic aspects of data protection, Risk management in cybersecurity, Information system security, Network security systems, NATO policy on cyber defence.

Duration:  two semesters

Planned number of participants: min. 15, max. 20. Admissions based on sequence of applications. Out-of-town attendees will have the option of reserving accommodations for a fee at the MUT hotel (phone: +48 261 837 925).

Dates: from Septrember 2019 until the end of June 2020. Classes are conducted as two-day sessions (Saturday-Sunday), final thesis defence in June 2020.

Documents should be submitted by 25 September 2019 to the following address:
Military University of Technology
ul. Gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2 Street, 00-908 Warszawa 46
Cybernetics Faculty

- after qualification one-off fee of PLN 17 200 or in two instalments: - 1st instalment - PLN 9 030,00 - payable until 15 October 2019,   - 2nd instalment - PLN 9 030,00 - payable until 28 February 2020

Bank account: 91 1240 6960 0350 5448 0102 2305 (with a note: PSMBA)

CONTACT PERSON:  Activities in connection with recruitment for postgraduate studies are conducted by the Deanery of the Faculty of Cybernetics - main building, 2nd floor, room 268, tel.: +48 261 83 87 83 - paulina.rudnicka(at)

NOTE: The course will be launched if a minimum of 15 candidates apply.