Postgraduate studies in human resources management

Course description: The studies programme is directed to persons interested in the issues of company and public organisation finances. Postgraduate studies are intended for higher education graduates who usually already pursue a professional career and are intent on expanding their knowledge and competences needed in the work environment. Classes are conducted for two semesters, on Saturdays and Sundays, in the form of lectures (78 hours), practical classes (44 hours), and laboratory classes (28 hours).

The course allows to obtain specialist knowledge, skills and competences in the scope of: the essence and conditions of modern-day finance, principles of financial analysis, company and public sector unit accounting system (recording solutions, ongoing and balance-sheet valuation of selected fixed and current assets, settlement, cost clearing for calculation needs, specificity of budgetary accounting on the example of a budget entity, financial reporting), management accounting and controlling system (modern tools and methods of presenting financial and operational information, influence of cost management on financial results of economic entities as part of a summary bill of costs, activity-based costing, variable costs, target costing, break-even and strategic balanced scorecard analysis), functioning of a financial audit and internal control - standards, financial statement examination procedures, financial manipulations, organising the work of a statutory auditor, audit report, role of statutory accounting principles in evaluating the reliability and credibility of opinions, most commonly used methods of investment project assessment, constructing a free cash flow to firm (FCFF) model in connection with a project, investment project assessment indicators, fundamental and technical analysis as a basis for assessing the economic condition of public companies, main methods for company valuation, use of computer-based tools in financial engineering (software for numerical calculations in financial engineering, especially in the scope of using Octave, Matlab, R, and Gretl financial packages/toolboxes, and MS Excel package add-ons), basic terms in the area of derivatives, their modelling and valuation.

Classes included in the curriculum: Finances, Financial analysis basis, Financial accounting of companies and public sector entities, Management accounting and controlling, Financial control and audit, Investment project assessment, Capital market and investment funds as sources for financing company development, Enterprise value management, Fundamental and technical analysis basics, Enterprise valuation, Mathematical finance elements, Computer-based tools for financial engineering, Seminar and thesis.

Duration: two semesters (170 hours in total, including 150 auditorium hours).

Planned number of participants: min. 20. Admissions based on sequence of applications. Out-of-town attendees will have the option of reserving accommodations for a fee at the MUT hotel (phone: +48 261 837 925).

The nearest edition of the studies: from 1 March 2019 until 29 February 2020. Classes are conducted as two-day sessions (Saturday-Sunday). 8 congresses are planned for each semester. Final thesis defence in February 2020.

Recruitment: Application with the documents listed below can be submitted in person in Military University of Technology, Cybernetics Faculty, room 275 (Main Building, 2nd floor) between 10.00-15.00, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays or send by e-mail to the address paulina.rudnicka(at)
List of required documents:

  • Application placed on the website
  • Diploma of higher education (photocopy),
  • ID photo (signed with name and surname),
  • photograph delivered in digital form
  • copy of the identification document,
  • copy of the proof of the recruitment fee.

The deadline for submitting documents: 17 February 2018

After qualification one-off fee of PLN 7 000,00 until 28 February 2019 or in two instalments: - 1st instalment - PLN 3 675,00 - payable until 28 February 2019,   - 2nd instalment - PLN 3 675,00 - payable until 30 September 2019 r.

Bank account number: 91 1240 6960 0350 5448 0102 2305 (with a note: AFiR, name and surname)

Contact persons:   Activities in connection with recruitment for postgraduate studies are conducted by the Deanery of the Faculty of Cybernetics - main building, 2nd floor, room 275, tel.: +48 261 83 87 83 - paulina.rudnicka(at) and the secretariat of the Institute of Organization and Management - build. 65 room 16, tel.: +48 261 83 87 70 - e-mail jadwiga.skulska(at)  or build. 65 room 15, tel.: +48 261 83 87 99 - e-mail barbara.siwek(at)