Administration and Technical Department

Administration and Technical Department is a Faculty administration organisational unit - directly subordinate to the Head of Administration - competent for organising and executing economic-financial, technical, and organisational tasks, and safeguarding material resources of the Faculty.

The Administrative manager
Leszek Brzeźny, Ph.D.
e-mail:  leszek.brzezny(at)
tel.:  +48 261 83 87 90 (build. 100 room 267)

The scope of Administration and Technical Department tasks includes:

  1. controlling the completeness and reliability of the documents on economic and financial operations;
  2. supervising the usage of technical equipment and observing usage limits;
  3. organising and participating in modernisation endeavours in regards to the didactic and scientific-research base;
  4. planning the material needs and supervising technical equipment, accommodations, and appliances use management;
  5. rational management of Faculty assets so as to prevent excessive material reserves;
  6. analysing needs, planning and participating in refurbishment and maintenance works on construction and technical objects at the Faculty, as well as participating in the technical handover of the works in this scope;
  7. cooperating in organising and executing tasks covered by public tender procedures;
  8. preparing plans to liquefy and remove unnecessary material and technical means of the Faculty;
  9. analysing the needs and preparing propositions of investments in technical security measures and performing tasks in this respect;
  10. organising and supervising, at the Faculty level, physical security and constant supervision over the ongoing execution of tasks ensuring effective security of Faculty objects and premises;
  11. supervising compliance with binding OHS and fire protection regulations;
  12. ssupervising the state of security of classified information in subordinate organisational teams, ongoing inspections of employees in possession of classified documents and access to classified information, compliance with hiring principles for positions with access to classified information.


The Economic and HR Team is a Faculty administration unit - directly subordinate to the Head of Administration - competent in the scope of organising and executing economic and financial tasks of the Faculty. The Team is managed by the Economic-Staff Team Head.

The scope of tasks of the Team includes:

  1. clearing the financial costs incurred by the Faculty, including costs of remuneration and emolument;
  2. transferring the costs of execution of the material-financial plan to institutes (institute);
  3. keeping a registry of contracts for specific tasks and contracts of mandate entered into by the Faculty;
  4. preparing a design of a material-financial plan for the Faculty on the basis of plans submitted by the institutes, as well as Faculty income, purchase, refurbishment, investment, employment, and payment fund plans;
  5. ongoing execution of the material-financial plan of the Faculty;
  6. updating and checking the booked costs with printouts from the MUT General Ledger;
  7. ongoing updating and analysing inflows to unsubsidised activity accounts;
  8. presenting the cost recognition to the Head of Administration with a breakdown into individual types of Faculty activities;
  9. financial inspections of research work execution and comparison with MUT billing accounts;
  10. keeping a registry of paid remunerations and emoluments with derivatives;
  11. creating a design of the Faculty’s annual employment plan and successive updates thereof;
  12. preparing VAT invoices in regards to Faculty task execution;
  13. executing contracts and annexes thereto under conditions of payment for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies;
  14. accepting payments (in accordance with the determined amount) from Faculty students, as well as collecting and clearing payment slips in accordance with the “Instruction for Circulation and Inspection of Accounting Documents and Procedures in the Scope of Financial Management”
  15. ongoing updating of student payments under programmes to support teaching activity handling with billing accounts and the TRANSCOLLECT service;
  16. execution of staff-related tasks including: settling worktime of staff not being academic teachers, keeping staff-related documents in the scope of medical examinations, OHS etc., and transferring the documents on remuneration and emolument received from the bursar's office to the employees.
localization: build. 100 room 258
e-mail:  szczepan.malmur(at)
tel.:  +48 261 83 87 12


The Research Work Settlement Team is an internal organisational unit of the Administration and Technical Department competent in the scope of settling research works and keeping documents connected therewith. The Team is managed by the Research Work Settlement Team Head.

The scope of tasks of the Team includes:

  1. recording and archiving financial documents concerning costs of science-research works, indirect costs, direct costs, and costs of non-subsidised activities;
  2. keeping files of research works of the Faculty and institute files with a breakdown into different cost types;
  3. in cooperation with the head of the research works, preparing documents for public tenders participated by the Faculty, which concern purchase of special equipment, materials, and fixed assets;
  4. preparing reports and summaries (based on Egeria and bursar's office printouts) on costs incurred by institutes;
  5. participation in preparing requisitions for materials and special equipment paid from research works and other costs;
  6. ongoing registration of documents concerning material and technical management: requisitions and orders, material management evidence (RJ, RWSM, RWAS, RWN etc.), service acceptance protocols;
  7. controlling and verifying financial and material data included in annexes, annual and final reports prepared by heads of research works;
  8. supervising material and technical accounts closure, all research works at the Faculty (performance of appendix no. 19 to transfer special equipment to the professional activities of the organisational unit);
  9. participation in: tender committees that execute equipment purchases, inventory-taking committee, committee for asset liquefaction and removal;
  10. keeping a registry of Faculty licences and software.
localization: build. 100 room 259
e-mail:  roman.budzilo(at)
tel.:  +48 261 83 70 69


The Organisation-Logistics Team is an organisational unit of the Administration and Technical Department competent in the scope of providing services and security for the Faculty.

The scope of tasks of the Team includes:

  1. organising and directing the tasks in the scope of material-technical supply and logistics services necessary for the proper functioning of the Faculty, including comparison of reported needs (material documents for equipment and material issuance from the MUT storage and requisitions for purchases, sans the Public Procurement Law, supervising purchase plan execution for a given calendar year;
  2. organising and directing the tasks aimed at proper usage of Faculty equipment and premises, developing propositions for investment plans, refurbishment, and modernisation of Faculty premises, enforcing repair of failures notified to the MUT Logistics Real Estate Maintenance Department;
  3. executing tasks connected with developing project documentation necessary to launch tender procedures for refurbishment and construction works carried out at the Faculty, conducting public tender procedures in the scope of refurbishment and construction services, maintenance, and investments, as well as applications for launching tender procedures for purchase of fixed assets, special equipment, materials, and services from research works and Faculty funds, preparing contract and annex drafts;
  4. organising works of the committee appointed by the Faculty Dean in order to remove, liquefy, use-up, break-up, re-classify, and appraise material and technical means at the Faculty’s organisational unit, and supervising recording and circulation of documents on materials management;
  5. supervising observance of proper order and tidiness on Faculty premises, taking account of the principles of environmental protection, OHS, and fire safety, and undertaking endeavours resulting from securing Faculty premises against fire;
  6. supervising operations of the Faculty premises security system, electronic records of automatic key circulation in buildings no. 100 and 65 and its ongoing updating, and performance of employees carrying out tasks connected with security in building no. 65.
localization: build. 100 room 260A
e-mail:  roman.konieczny(at)
tel.:  +48 261 83 76 35


Registry Office is a single-person, internal organisational unit of the Administration and Technical Department competent for secretarial services at the Faculty.

The scope of tasks of the Registry Office employee includes:

  1. performing tasks resulting from procedures for activities on document circulation at the Faculty;
  2. receiving incoming correspondence from the MUT public office, its registration and distribution around the Faculty;
  3. keeping a register of incoming and outgoing letters and monitoring their circulation;
  4. participating in planning and keeping a record of leaves of absence;
  5. keeping a record of business trips of Faculty employees;
localization: build. 100 room 262
e-mail:  anna.gajos(at)
tel.:  +48 261 83 87 15


6. Mechanical Workshop is an internal organisational unit of the Administration and Technical Department, competent for maintaining Faculty classrooms and administration premises in good working order.

The scope of tasks of the Mechanical Workshop includes:

  1. performing works in metal and other materials in order to prepare lecture rooms in buildings no. 100 and 65 for classes and works in connection with assembly of small-scale mechanical constructions;
  2. performing metalwork and woodwork repairs in lecture rooms and employee premises.
localization: build. 100 room 45
tel.:  +48 261 83 71 95