Center for Advanced Studies Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering Advanced Studies Centre (SEC) has been created on 1 January 2017. It is one of the organisational units at the Faculty, directly subordinate to the Associate Dean for Education and Development and competent for the provision of IT services to support the didactic process and science-research projects. The Centre is managed by the Head of the SEC.

The Manager
Stefan Rozmus, Ph.D. Eng.
e-mail:  stefan.rozmus(at)
tel.:  +48 608 533 058

The SEC Team
tel.:  +48 261 83 87 07

The Centre’s scope of operations includes:

  1. securing the ICT infrastructure necessary to support classes in laboratories and lecture halls in building no. 65;
  2. securing the network infrastructure necessary to ensure access to ICT resources of the Centre from the Faculty’s laboratories located in building no. 100;
  3. providing IT services to support the didactic process and science-research projects by creating virtual application and developer platforms and making them available;
  4. maintaining the e-Learning Platform on the basis of the software delivered to the Centre;
  5. providing helpdesk services in the scope of IT services provided;
  6. factual aid in preparing applications concerning IT services;
  7. managing the material and technical resources at the Centre.