Developers from Cybernetics Faculty win the Best Hacking League

13 May 2019

The Code Hussar team from the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology, consisting of: Patryk Ostrowski, Sebastian Szczepański and Piotr Filochowski took first place in the Best Hacking League hackathon organized on May 12 by the Warsaw University of Technology in the Center for Innovation Management and Technology Transfer. The scientific supervisor of the victorious team is Lt.Col. Mariusz Chmielewski, Ph.D. Eng.

The prototype of the EduMatch system developed by our team won high marks and recognition of the judges, and after the preliminaries in the strict final, the team of Code Hussar took first place in the software category. At the final gala, the jury of the competition appreciated both the innovative, creative approach to the project, as well as the great potential for use in the academic environment. The prizes for the victory were numerous gifts and computer monitors.

The EduMatch project is designed to associate and focus environments of engineers and enthusiasts of various technologies studying at any university. The application facilitates and improves the mechanisms of finding people based on defined search criteria and selection of technologies. It is a great way to find those willing to participate in innovative projects carried out by science clubs, start-ups and it is mainly for these entities that the application is addressed. A frequent problem for those organizations is reaching a suitable group of recipients, including the academic community, where there is no shortage of technology enthusiasts and people who are very creative thinkers. The solution of the Military University of Technology team allows interaction between students, start-up managers and project managers. An example project participant (student) by creating an account on the EduMatch portal completes a simple survey about his skills, ambitions, availability and history of internships. Similar activities are carried out by the representative of the scientific circle, start-up, thanks to which the system manages customized interesting projects and other events. A personalized user profile allows you to view the most relevant offers for a given user. In addition, data processing algorithms are designed to display the best possible matches due to the hidden preferences and activities of the programmer (eg non-program activity or the amount of time devoted to projects). After double-sided demonstration of interest, the application allows contact between the potential client and the student. It can also be used to help each other in learning and search for projects for student teams without commercial experience.

In the future, after gathering the necessary data about the candidates, the decision algorithms that support matching will be improved, and ultimately the tools of artificial intelligence will be introduced. The EduMatch project has a very large development potential, and the team does not delimit the project only to scientific institutions. After a closer examination of the target market and improvement of the product, it will be possible to adapt it to cooperation with start-ups and freelancers, which can significantly improve the implementation potential of the system. The project was consulted and found approval among mentors, recruiters of partner companies as well as employees of the Innovation Management and Technology Transfer Center at the Warsaw University of Technology.