Act 2.0 - Guidebooks

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has published on the website the first part of the "Guidebook to the system of higher education and science".

The document contains issues related to the Constitution for Science, which were divided into eight thematic areas:

  • University system and organizational matters
  • Employee matters
  • Procedures for scientific advancement
  • Doctoral schools and PhD theses
  • Student matters, scholarships and student loans
  • Conducting studies and other forms of education
  • College financing
  • Supervision over universities.

Download the guidebook to the higher education and learning system

The Constitution for Science has subjected the system of assessing the quality of scientific activities to thorough reform. The new rules will make the evaluation more fair, reliable and motivating to scientific excellence. The key academic qualifications of the unit will depend on the scientific categories obtained in the evaluation. Both for conducting studies and doctoral schools, as well as for awarding degrees and titles. Categories will also affect the amount of the subsidy. It is because of the importance of this issue that we have prepared the next version of the Guide to Evaluation throughout the entire higher education and science system. The guide takes into account the latest legal status - after the publication of the regulation on evaluation.

Download the guidebook to evaluation throughout the entire higher education and science system