General informations

Erasmus + is a European inter-university cooperation program developed for the needs of higher education for 2014-2020. The Erasmus + program has replaced the existing Longlife Learning Program Erasmus program, which was in operation in 2007-2013. The main objective of the Erasmus + program is to raise the level and strengthen the European dimension of education in higher education by supporting international cooperation between universities and promoting the exchange of students and academic teachers in Europe. Erasmus + program grants scholarships for trips to thousands of students and teachers.

Who can use the Erasmus + program?

Erasmus + students are entitled to travel abroad as students, PhD students, graduates and employees of the Military University of Technology.

Students / PhD students who are eligible to be admitted as part of the Erasmus + program are:

  • are registered in the field of study leading to obtaining the title of licencjat / inżynierata, magister or doctoral degree in the Military University of Technology,
  • at the time of departure they are students of at least the second year of first-cycle studies,
  •  during the trip they do not stay on the leave specified in the regulations of studies at MUT.

Where can you go?

Taking part of studies abroad (students / PhD students) or conducting classes (teachers) within the framework of the Erasmus + program is possible only at the university with which the Military University of Technology has an inter-university agreement signed. Before choosing a target university, both students and teachers should familiarize themselves with the table of subject codes, which will allow to establish a program of classes acceptable to the home department. At present, WAT has signed agreements with foreign universities in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.


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