Handling students’ financial issues:
Monday to Friday 11:00-14:50

General issues:

  1. Payments due for educational services rendered should be made prior to class commencement, and in case of courses longer than one semester, prior to commencement of each semester, by bank transfer to an individual account assigned to the student.
  2. Tuition payment in instalments requires consent of the FC-MUT. Applications in this regard should be submitted prior to expiry of the deadline for payment of the first instalment.
  3. The date of payment shall be the date of crediting the funds on the MUT account.
  4. In case of payments of up to PLN 100, it is allowed to make them in cash at the MUT.
  5. 1st year students shall make the payment of PLN 17 for issuing an electronic student ID card within 7 days from signing the Higher Education Payment Conditions Contract.
  6. The payment can be made by bank transfer to the individual account assigned to the student or in cash at the MUT. Part-time students will make the payment along with payment for the 1st semester.
  7. If the student is struck from a list for a given educational service, a part of the payment will be refunded, proportionally to the number of full months of provision of this service after the date of striking the student from the list. The student shall apply for a refund in writing to the FC-MUT Dean.
  8. Delayed tuition payments will result in charging statutory interest. Legal basis - The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 4 December 2008 on Defining the Amount of Statutory Interest (Polish Journal of Laws 2008, no. 220 item 1434).
  9. 1st year students shall make the payment for the 1st semester within 7 days after signing the Contract in accordance with the terms of payment for part-time tertiary studies.


Other notes:

  1. A VAT invoice will be issued no later than the seventh day after the date of payment to the MUT bank account. This results from § 9.1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 28 November 2008 on i.a. Invoice Issuance (Polish Journal of Laws, No. 212, item 1337).
  2. A VAT invoice will be provided to the student for the tuition fee payment after they apply to the FC-MUT Dean in a given semester (if the applicant wishes to pay tuition in instalments, they should state so in the letter). The letter needs to include a clearly indicated: first and last name, group and index numbers, current address.
  3. A VAT invoice for a company will be issued and sent for payment after applying to the FC-MUT Dean in writing. The letter should be confirmed by the Chief Accountant or their deputy. The letter should include data required for issuing a VAT invoice in accordance with the abovementioned regulation.
  4. Students can generate an individual bank account at www.trans.wat.edu.pl. The website also allows students to check the payments they made to the individual bank account at the MUT.
  5. It should be remembered that the abbreviation for the Faculty of Cybernetics is WCY.


Payments for the academic year 2020/2021

The directive of the Rector of the Military University of Technology regarding the collection of fees from students for educational services