Binding diploma theses and accepting orders:

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Guidelines for the thesis layout Pobierz (1.29 MB)
Template attachments
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Unified Anti-plagiarism System (Dean's decision No. 5) Pobierz (1.21 MB)
Diploma student information card Pobierz (42.5 KB)
Bibliographic notice of the diploma thesis Pobierz (55 KB)
Student’s declaration on preparing the thesis unaided Pobierz (28.5 KB)
Thesis Supervisor opinion - template Pobierz (69 KB)
Thesis review - template Pobierz (48 KB)
Submitting thesis at the Deanery - important information Pobierz (41 KB)

The degree thesis should also be saved on a CD/DVD which should be permanently (with a permanent marker) described in a following manner:

  1. Name of the education institution,
  2. Name of the faculty,
  3. field of study,
  4. specialisation,
  5. student’s index number,
  6. student’s first and last name,
  7. degree thesis subject,
  8. student’s handwritten signature.

The CD should include the following files:

  1. a file named Thesisxxxxxx (replace xxxxxx with student’s index number) which includes the entirety of the degree thesis (DOC, PDF, ODT, RTF formats),
  2. a file named Attachments which includes an electronic version of drawings, diagrams, result tables etc. - if the attachments are a part of the degree thesis,
  3. a file named Presentation which includes a presentation of the degree thesis - if the student prepared such a presentation,
  4. a file named Reference which includes references for the thesis.